Thursday, July 28, 2011

* ELEnin Update *

startling; on Sept. 26, 27 & 28 an alignment w/ Venus (Morning Star) & Saturn (Satan) in the womb of Virgo (Virgin) where her feet will stand on the Moon & she'll be clothed w/ Sun; it mirrors Revelation 12 of BIG QUAKE, appearance of the Woman Clothed w/ the Sun & gives birth to the Man-Child, the Dragon throws stars to Earth. On these same dates Elenin, Sun & Earth are aligned, big quake; its tail sprays Earth.

1. ELEnin is am comet - Nibiru is following 1 year later!

2. ELEnin means Extra Level Event - nibiru is near! Makes sense!

3. ELEnin is C/2010 X1 under investigation since 1983!

4. The question is where is the Money go - do they new so muc money to build bunkers and telescopes ?

5. 9-11 is the date you have to look for here is ELEnin on the nearst point to sun!


ELEnin Reclassified as Cluster
Photos show that ELEnin is not a single comet, but rather a cluster. If indeed ELEnin is a cluster, it may mean somewhat catastrophic events for our little blue planet. Below are records and

NASA warns anomalies Stereo nodes that are taking place by the approach of ELENIN as well as viewing the coming days 1-15 August. The SECCHI team requests to roll the Behind spacecraft by 135 degrees for two hours per day each day between Aug 1 (or late on Sep 31) and Aug 12 to observe comet ELEnin as it flies within 0.05 AU of the spacecraft.

In a major collaborative effort with the team of "A. Evans & All" We could gather all the documentation you can, and in particular we have access to a photo that clearly as you can see the "cluster".

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