Wednesday, January 05, 2011

a personal moment in 2011

if dec2012 come and goes without any real major event,
i will just kiss the gound outside and thank god above.
because im convinced something is comming.we shall see,
we shall see.


Anonymous said...

is this your pic? and is that a cat or a black panther or both ?

by the way : something is going to happen and I'm afraid that it can be even before 2012 and it has something to do with the water level in the oceans, and food, stay away from the shores and rivers, try to start some project to make your own food "maybe like mushroom because it's cheap, easy, and healthy" and you really don't want to tell anybody about it "what do you think starving people will do when they know you got food?"

Anonymous said... ass!

debrabmaddox said...

im laffing at the my ass comment,, futuredude, yes thats elvis presley, a big ol black cat
that i love.

Anonymous said...

I've to say that for a moment I thought that I invaded your personal space "you know! the post says (A PERSONAL MOMENT) right!" anyway that was a relief, thanks, "and yes the other comment made me laugh too , sorry, I mean why bother?!"

and if I may add, you seem to be a very nice person, then what is it with the Frankenstein ?!