Saturday, January 22, 2011

ive looked all over the net for the BEST place to get up to the minuet news and what folks are saying about everything, and GLP is the best place. im simply
addicted to it. GLP is down for now. its been up then down then up then down. so i went over to ATS for this:
!!!!????whats wrong with our sun???!!!!????!!!!!

posted on 21-1-2011 @ 05:43 PM I'm almost 60 yrs. old and I can tell you for a fact...Things are NOT like they use to be just a few short years ago.....We're in for a big change soon.....I am speaking of the sun and the way it appears to us on earth now...

i may have a relevant observation.. or maybe in some way our slightly related questions are similar..
i live in eastern NC and have noticed the nights lately have been really bright for the last couple of weeks.. have you stumbled upon this while searching for your answers to this post?
i feel the "answers" will fulfill our mutually similar concerns/observations..

thankyou last summer i noticed the sun arose further north than expected and seemed higher in the sky,but yep nobody bothered or noticed but i did.

I agree wholeheartedly as I notice its darker in the morning, like at 8am its still dark here in Scotland. I have noted in the summer of last year the sun had more blue tint to it as I am an amateur photographer and had to set my camera to eliminate this blueness. It also seemed to be brighter, like you needed your sunglasses on even on a cloudy day. As the Inuit said in the article, they have noticed it and it forbodes bad thoughts for them

I saw the sunset earlier in London and the sun was huge! And blood red, I could actually look at it without any affect to my eyes.. Not saying it is in anyway related to what is being posted here.. But it did look mad, and seemed alot bigger than usual thats what im screamin'

I'm in Canada and in the last week the sun has been the brightest I have ever seen for this time of year
You cannot even look towards it's direction < ive been saying this for three years now!

Houston, Texas here and lately, past couple weeks its been incredibly light when i get off work, usually at this time it is dark but now it is like daytime. Even at midnight its like the sky is glowing without the moon, weird weird

my wife and I spent alot of time outside in spring/summer 2010 and we would comment to each other how bright the sun seemed, like it was white hot instead of yellow like we used to see it. that is here in eastern NC by the way for reference

totally relate the sun appears more bright blue radiance than yellow,like its changed its frequency of light radiance,like a standard house bulb to a new fluorescent,different,I thought i was the only one who noticed that as well,sun really makes the eye ,wince,cringe up its that bright.maybe it is a new sun .

I dunno about you folks, but this winter in Chicago, it looks like the sun is a little farther south than I remember it before. Even the moon looks farther out there when setting

Changed toward the "blue?" Is the Sun a different color temperature, other than its usual overhead values between 5000-6500 K?
Interesting. Wonder if any data exists, out there

he says its al normal,, and it prolly is

I can only throw in personal experience in relation to my part of the world (43S 147E) and absolutely nothing has changed here (geographic or geomagnetic). North and South are exactly where they should be and always have been. The sun & moon rise & set at the predicted times. My GPS is not indicating any error in my location and magnetic North is indicating about 15 degrees east of true North and has remained unchanged for decades.

The changed runway designation at Tampa airport is nothing unusual and does not mean there has been a 10 degree change in magnetic North, it's simply rounded to the nearest 10 degrees and they've responded to a small (and normal) amount of pole movement since the last time the runway was named.

Sorry folks but the dilemma is and has nothing to do with when the sun comes up the discussion is based on the reason for the sun rising in the northern hemisphere early the horizontal latitude of the time the sun rising has nothing to do with the vertical occulation of sun rising

I live in Florida, and grew up here. In the same area, not even off the parallel, ever. I can tell you that from my perspective in the south, the sun hasn't changed beyond standard seasonal precession. She still sets within the same annual range N to S over the Gulf that I've been witness to my entire life.
While I find the Greenland "incident" perplexing, I'm going to throw it out there that MAYBE, just maybe, someone got their numbers wrong this year. Humans make mistakes, even the natives aren't immune to making an error. They're no more infallible than the rest of the planet's population.

after this, the thread just goes to shit. all the insults and slams for even thinking that the sun is different come in and take over,sooooo.

any time a thread gets good, it gets taken over by ppl who insult and cuss and
ruin the whole deal. we all leave. This shows how "they"control web threads with hot topics (close to classified) and take them down.

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