Monday, January 03, 2011

Obama to announce UFO visits
American paranormal website All News Web said that US President Barack Obama would be making comments soon about US contact with aliens.
The comments about UFO visits and other extra-terrestrial contact would be made within the next month, it claimed.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the research and development office for the US Department of Defense, was said to have given the go-ahead for the announcement.
Other governments could also announce within the next three years that they had previous contact with aliens.
In an unrelated article, UFO website said that Earth's ozone layer could only be saved by aliens using advanced technology. It also claimed that the world's leaders would have to admit that aliens existed in return


Anonymous said...

Hi again :), well... I have some very good reasons not to believe in aliens "I want to, but I don't", and I'm telling everyone that the only way to believe in them is to see them with my own eyes "and examine them too", not on TV, not a UFO in the sky, I have to meet them face to face, touch them and speak to them.

one more thing, can you tell me what do you think of this one

debrabmaddox said...

heyfuturedude i agree,BUT then somedays i feel like one is going to just appear right infront of me.. at any given moment. then i go thru a phase that says,, logical sense says all there is is this moment,and this is it. no aliens no ultra mystrey out there,, nothing, just what YOU SEE IS WHAT U GET kinda attitude.then i get depressed with that, its so boaring and empty. so i go back to believing// i want to believe. & the truth is out there. it is.

Anonymous said...

Let's think like aliens, if we were to "explore" another planet we will do it with caution "who knows maybe their most trivial tool is actually like a lethal weapon to us or something", we are not going to make any contact with "anything" that has a brain and a tongue LOL, "especially with their leaders ;)" we will keep our existence a secret, not to mention that we may be from a totally different species "that's a bye bye to our logic and psychology ...etc etc etc for good".

and I see you thumbed things up , thanks :), but I really wanted to know what do you think ?, how do you accept it as a truth?, will you investigate this further?, or just be like "mmm... I hate those people they've done much already"