Tuesday, January 12, 2010

im searching for truth....ive been intangeled in debate over zeitgeist ive copied and pasted my online conversations here for later review and for any further comments ofcorse.
i joined a group and started a conversation

"Open your eyes, conspiracy is REAL!"
You wrote4 hours ago
i wonder why ppl wont stop -look-listen- seems to painful for majority of people to even listen to any kind of conspiracy theory like 911 was a inside job,UFOs r real,NASA 's hiding the planet X discovery,never was a (real) jesus, we are killing our selves with plastic "everything", planned obselence,
rex 84, project bluebeam, and so on,, when i try to talk abouit these topics - people just get down right mad .. they get "put out" by these topics and i wanna know WHY ? -would u not wanna know that plastic is hurting the earth and us ,wouldnt u wanna know about the bush's link to abunch of crap! wouldnt you wanna know why the CFR and bilderburg and knights of the round table r controlling everything and what is their agenda? i cant belive its all so very anoying. (type-o's sorry)
Post #2Jared Infoisbliss McKinstry wrote4 hours ago
People have been trained not to question what they see. Slowly they have been dumbed down so they will submit. They have been trained to except the status quo. And any attempt by anyone to impliment change is seen as a threat to the "Norm." So the Main Stream Media attacks any person trying to speak real truth.

Also, people dont like being lied to. An "Awaking" isnt something that happens over night. It is hard to except we have been lied to our whole life. Peoples pride wont let them except that they have been dooped. So instead of swollowing that pride and seeking the truth, they get angry and refuse to believe anything outside of their comfort zone. All we can do is just conintue to spread the truth and hope people finally come ariund. We cant force this change upon them.Report
Post #3You wrote4 hours ago
yep,,sooooo "right on" i couldnt have said this any better..thank you - Delete Post
Post #4The-Great Enki wrote3 hours ago
Just a question? Why do you need to spread the truth? What is your goal on this "awakening" process? Has somebody woke you up? Has somebody came in the night into your room and whispered into your ear that the 9/11 was an inside job! Of course not. You have waken up yourself and so the others will do the same process like you, if they dont than they will just vanish from the earth. Why do you need to wake up total strangers who you even dont KNOW? Take care only of yourself and your loved ones. This conjured up "wake up" campaign is a mind-war to keep you still busy by waking up the others, by this way all the other projects will be implemented succesfully and by wasting your time with such foolish "wake up shit" you will be in the same sinking ship! Think about carefully and use your logic. Waking up others is just ILLOGICAL!! You dont need to spread the word, who seeks for truth, will find it anyway, like you did! Has somebody brought you the information just from nowhere or have your intentions brought you to this stage? Of course it was you! So the other will wake up or die, it is their decisions and not yours. By trying to wake them up, you will end up like them! this is the reality nothing else! Be responsible for YOURSELF, like anyone lese should do that way! This is not selfish thinking, this self responsibility! People like Alex Jones are just spreading the old infos from 2001 and they spread only FEAR nothing else, no solution, no thing! Use simple logic! All you heard or read about the illuminati or NWO is that what you need to know, because they leak out those infos not by mistake, those informations had a purpose to keep you busy thinking about "whats going to be next"!
My conclusion is, California will suffer under water and soon many places on earth. They will implement Project Lucifer to start the new Mesianic Age. The Spacprobe is on the way and LHC is soon ready.
Dont let them fool you! F*ck the sheeple, take care of yourselves!
With Love & Respect
Read on my NOTES about project Lucifer!Report
Post #5Michael Ssdd wrote3 hours ago
It's kind of like that matrix movie, take the red pill or blue pill.
Converting people is one thing, but I'm simply giving people an option.
Otherwise, I'd be doing the same thing I'm advertising against, make sense?
Just my point of view.
I explain in further detail on my post on this discussion board.Report
Post #6Jared Infoisbliss McKinstry wrote3 hours ago
You are so wrong Enki. I was "Awakened" from complete strangers. I was online just looking at random shit and came across some people talking about the Obama Deception, some believed it and some didnt. i watch the movie and it opened my eyes. I did not seek out this information.

Who started you on your journeys? Something had to spark your interest to learning about this shit. You had to hear of it from someone else. Your nieve if you think you can just stumble across all this information. And how is it illogical to think helping people will, in the long run, help my self and my loved one. The more people know, the less effective their agenda will be. i will continue to open as many peoples eyes as possible.

You obviously are not an Alex Jones fan. Otherwise you would know he offers ideas. But it is not his place to shows all the problem and then all the solutions. It is up to us to learn the problems and fix them. I dont wait for other people to tell me how to do things. Thats how we got into this mess in the first place.

Talking to people who already know about this stuff is great. But I will be in the streets AWAKENING those who are uncoincious of what is really going on.Report
Post #7You wrote3 hours ago
Q=Why do you need to wake up total strangers who you even dont KNOW?
answer= im not talking about total strangers, im talking about my grandparents and my mom and my sister(family peps)
ive given up on strangers - strangers are strange!
see link=
http://www.iwatchstuff.com/2008/05/14/strangers-poster-because.jpgDelete Post
Post #8Jared Infoisbliss McKinstry wrote3 hours ago
I am werry of people who dont care of other people. I know family and friend come first. But why give up on people that dont know any better. its one thing to continue to explain things to people and they just refuse to believe it. But there are people out there that just simply dont know. The "Powers That Be" have done a great job sudating this country and blinding the masses. But why should we just give up on them? One persons stranger is another persons family member. i will not give up on those that are still asleep Michael is abolutly right. You have to at least give people the information. Its up to them what they do with it.Report
Post #9John 'Geefontaine' Gunnell (Indiana) wrote2 hours ago
The Great-Enki: Well that's a very bad way to look at it. Yea you don't want to dwell on waking people up too much but to simply say "Just let them walk into the fire and save yourself" that's stupid. If people did that then those 'common people' who are awake wouldn't be. Only the people directly tied to the 'elite' would know and we all would be mindless slaves like they want us to be. Yea take care of yourself but don't make a problem worse but not doing anything. What you said about people like Alex Jones not giving answers is false. They do give you answers it's just not answers people like. They say "give out of paper currency, go to gold and silver" "Buy storable food and make a garden, don't rely on grocery stores" "buy guns to defend yourself against looters". They give you answers just not answers you want to hear.

Debra: Jared pretty much hit the nail on the head, but I must disagree with you on "Jesus not existing". I'm one of those people that looks into 'conspiracy theory' so i've done the research, he existed. Area 51 is just a secret air force base (did the research on that too) etc.

Michael: Yea man it really is like The Matrix. You try and tell people but they just don't believe you. Some do but only after what you say comes true but even then it takes MULTIPLE times of being right...Report
Post #10You wrote2 hours ago
i am a jesus fan myself - i cant
' not ' believe in jesus-its too painful , but ive looked at Zeitgeist and paid close attn to the facts they have put fourth,,its all a possibility... its things that make me think outside the box - thanx john.Delete Post
Post #11John 'Geefontaine' Gunnell (Indiana) wroteabout an hour ago
Lol, oh ok, well I just wanted to put that out there but yea I have actually read the Bible and clearly Peter Joesph hasn't or else he wouldn't have put about 90% of part I in there. But here is a video some Christians made in response to Mr. Joesph's attack on Christ. It cites documented history about all his claims and how none of what he says is really true. Here are two movies by two separate people one is 1:30mins and the other is 50mins. As always I suggest people get information from about 3 separate sources (that don't cite each other) before drawing a conclusion. Anyway I hope you watch and research for yourself what they claim.

The First Response to Zeitgeist (1 Hour 30mins)

A Pastor's Response (50mins)
Post #12You wroteabout an hour ago
thanks- i will watch,,i googled " zeitgeist debunked "months ago and saw everything availible at that ime,,i wanted to see if anyone was able to de-bunk claims and i wasnt very empressed with any of the debunking at the time - perhaps enuff time has gone by for someone to put togethr a good rebuttal now.
and i see yer friends with Luke Rudkowski TOO! i love LUKE- hes brave
Delete Post
Post #13John 'Geefontaine' Gunnell (Indiana) wroteabout an hour ago
Lol, yea it took about 9 months for REAL debunking. Yea I like Luke too!Report
Post #14You wroteabout an hour ago
hahaa funni,,im watching it now,thanks soooooooo much
Post #15The-Great Enki wroteabout an hour ago
Dear JOHN,
You have not been waken up by somebody! You had that feeling in your gut which told you that "something is wrong" and therefore you have started to research! You have not been brought to a knowledge! You found the knowledge cause you wanted to! Am I not CORRECT?
I harm no one. I speak to no one until they ask me about why! Then if they wish to i tell them what is/has/will happen! Cause they intended to know! I dont run around to wake sheeple up. They are not stupid! They know there is a problem. In their deep inside they too that something is wrong but they dont want t o bother themselves with such boring things, they have chosen politicans to care about their RESPONSIBILITY! They gave them their power, politicans did not force people for their power! They dont force you, you just REACT on their actions! By this way they keep the power! PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION! Most of you fall on this trick even the so called enlightend ones. Sheeple borrow their money and do nothing for it! There is no such thing as "free lunch". If you are hungry you must hunt/work! If you dont you just extinct! Humans are not above the natures law but they think they are. They never were and they will never be!
They are laughing at me while i am preparing my self. So when the time comes they will have nothing for their ignorance, lazyness and greed! You mean I shall share my stuff with them to help them? Whaaaaat! Are you also on a Candy Land?
Have you ever try to live for one week without electricity, laptop, ipod, oven, refrigirator etc. only with dome can foods and your leatherman knife set? Have you tried to live without civilization? Have you ever consider what would you do then. What will you do when they cut off your energy, food and water supply? What will you do? What will your sheep neighbour do? They will steal! Wont they?
Do whatever you want, write wake up blogs, wear wake up t-shirts, make a wake up radio show. All of this shit is a conjured up mind-war to keep you busy by doing nothing. "Love your fellows", "dont hate your human souls"! These are the same conjured up mind-war sentences.
There is no Love and Hate or Negativity and Positivity!!!! NO POLARITY
Look on the earth magnetism: where does the + flow? into -! where does the - flow? into +! As you see there is no + or -, they are all ONE and it is the NEUTRALITY!
They just make you "think" you must be filled with Love or Hate! They just make you feel that you have a CHOICE! In reality none of them are REAL! They are all illusory. You are in your original wisdom state the "all that power is" and you just KNOW! You dont have to learn, you just observe. You dont react! You dont response. Anything you do will bring you to your end.
As you can see, as there is no +/- so there is no GOD/DEVIL, they are all the same entity. You have been tricked, thats it! Like all the other wake upers are just tricked under this mind-war!
Notice my words and one day you will see.
End of the storyReport

Post #16Jeff Jones wroteabout an hour ago
what it boils down to is this- I have been called names by those who cannot accept any sort of conspiracy. they say that I am psychologically dependent, that the world is not going right for me and so I need to find somebody to blame. So they put a condition on me to justify the hardness of there own hearts that they cannot accept facts put before them. I don't want to believe in the conspiracy... I have to because that is what the facts, and my gut tells me. The real reason they cannot buy it, they have a security blanket around them. they just cannot accept that the world aint as it seems. that would make everything unstable and out of control. that is it.Report

Post #17The-Great Enki wroteabout an hour ago
If you see my name as ENKI and if you have read the sumerian texts, you should know that the ENKI was the one who gave birth to Adam and Eve. Enki was the one who gave them his and Ninhursags genes to let themselves reproduce and "know" the sex act! So who is the Devil in the Bible? The one who shares knowledge! Satan was named from Saturn and Saturn was Called the Lucifer, the light bringer! RA was the sun god and the light bringer! Whose eye is in the "All seeing eye" pyramid? Horus? No it is RA! Satan and God are the same entity and it acts upon his agenda. It lets you know something and tell you not to do this or that thing.
Religion and GOD/SATAN shit is a conjured up mind-war game.
You should not only "not beliving" in it, you shoul even "not think" about it! There is nothing more powerful than you and this what illuminati most FEAR of you. They fear form you to obtain this knowledge and break their game by not reacting on them!Report
Post #18John 'Geefontaine' Gunnell (Indiana) wroteabout an hour ago
The Great Enki,

Oh I have a better idea of what you meant now that you went into more detail. Yea you are right in that in that maybe you don't have to share your stuff when times get bad but I guess that just comes down to how nice you are. Not meaning YOU but each person who will be in that situation. Yea you are right I have known that "something was wrong" but only because I was told 'something is wrong' by others. No one knows exactly what is going on but one can figure out a basic view by information presented. You thing about no God/Devil, well I'll leave that alone cause I've had that debate for years I'm tired of it. So, ok I see what you are saying on one end you are right but on another I must say I still disagree. I don't spend my time waking people up I just say "Hey, this is what is going on" and they don't believe me well they are on their own. Thanks for clarifying though thanks :-)Report

Post #19You wrote48 minutes ago
well,,i watched the "debunking zeitgeist" and its the same one i watched alooong time ago - i m just not empressed with this video of infromation,,its way way WAY to preachy and i just hear bla bla bla bla when i listened to it,,sorry,,i cant support it, something in me says its just bogus bla bla bla stuff. if they wanna debunk zeitgeist ,,they gotta do better then this information - the statements are not stong enuff to debunk what seems like a very very logical place where it ALL started- and i mean ALL of it.
just a quick question here:
WHY DIDNT JESUS HEAL AMPUTEES? something we could really measure,
and why all the parables,,just say what you mean, wouldnt that be soo much easier jesus? respectfully searching for the truth dear lord,yours,debi.

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