Thursday, January 14, 2010

about Haiti and its earthquake -we want thaT LAND FOR SOMETHING? wait to see...
its been three whole days and no help is there for the people who r suffering beyond what we in America could even handle ...
OH BUT I SEE THEY HAVE ALL THE REPORTERS THERE tho,but no water or food or medical help at all for 3 whole days.
strange- and u cant say its because of the airport,,DAY ONE reported that the runway is still available and how the hell did all the news people get there then?
the first thing i thought of, when they announced the quake
HAARP may have a hand in this as i suspect they had a hand in the other major disasters in past
The United States government has the capability of creating earthquakes with HAARP (Ed: See Articles At:)
the reason is beyond what we could understand,,but i feel its all just too convenient to crack the earth and cause significant death toll to curb the earths population problem by doing away with "poor" places on earth -notice there r no resources of interest there(no oil,no gold,no natural gas) we have no interest there..a perfect place to unleash the haarp weapon and do away with "resource using units " that mean nothing to our government. another angel is its another sacrifice to Moloch .. which has been going on for centuries now .. large disasters planned on certain days of significance to the so called "god " called "moloch"

1.2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, strange colors in the sky were spotted and photographed BEFORE the tsunami- NOT ONE picture or video can be found two yrs later tho,,
BUT here are ppl talking about it here:
Aurora borealis over it possible?
i saw the picture or video at the time of this tragedy ,and now ,no picture or video can be found.

2.2008 Sichuan earthquake in China , 30 mins before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China colorful sky was filmed-
im tired of writing for now,,i will need to research the connection of the
Aurora borealis and disasters

new conspiracy to research as well= project lucifer from reading this on my last post:
The Spacprobe is on the way and LHC is soon ready
does anyone care about the LCH?
i reeeeeeaally HOPE SO,,its a huge facility in ?? well,,they are trying to create a black hole,aka,anti-matter -
THINGS ARE REALLY ESCALATING now, toward our demise.
did i mention that we r in for a BIG TIME food shortage? its expected to influence the price and availibleity of food in comming months
stockking up now on canned foods will also create a shortage of what sits on our grocery store shelves in up and comming months.
i will expect to see evidence of shortages in the next 3- 4 months
we shall see