Monday, January 11, 2010

im dreaming of art.
i have been painting, drawing and making starz.-its good therapy.
i do alot of thinking when im painting.
its been unbelievably cold and it limits everything -cant help but wonder how the hell they survived in the old days when central heat and air was not around.
i have gained way-too much weight (130 pounds)now i have to starve myself again.
all because i quit smoking. i miss smoking.
i am having a mental issue- its called surealisum. EVERYthing is sureal to me.
theres a TV show that im hooked on now,alled RYANS HOPE from 1975--1983- its on at 4.00 am - we record it and watch it at nite - i sit there watching this show that pulls my mind off to a strange place - i watched this show back in the day-so it rememnds me of then,,1975 and so on. god the acting is sooo raw and primitive, but i do enjoy watching this show,,its hilarous to hear the slang like;
"are you making a pass at me?"
THIS SHOW TRIGGERED A MENTAL TIME WARP FOR ME,and i cant not watch it now.
Premiered: July 07, 1975, on ABC
Ryan's Hope - Siobhan & Jack talk about Joe"joes dead! " toooo funni

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