Sunday, October 28, 2007

i just realized i dont have any dreams,,this came about because a commercial said" hold on tight to your dreams" and i thiought i have no dreams,GOD THATS AWFULL and no wonder im depressed,,i could just ball right now - and i am.
did u know that the inside of my hands hurt when ANYTHING touches the bones? what does that mean? that my bones are mushey? thats NOT cool and my teeth are are...falling out.i need help- but no where can i find it,,there are no programs and help for ppl like me WHO USED TO WRK HER FUCKING ASS OFF FOR 'THE MAN'" THE SYSTEM" OH I SEE ---BUT NOW THAT I CAN NO LONGER HOLD anything---- im no good ---so i get nothing,,why dont they just kill me and get this shit over with INSTEAD of this slow agonizing suffering that i go thru -AND TRY TO KEEEP MY SHIT TOGETHER BUT I DONT NO HOW MUCH LONGER IO CAN GO ON LIKE THIS..IM ok now =i went in to get a hug from kelly and i saw my lil' cats ,,and i remembered why i live today! look around and be thankfull,,I AM so greatful for all my blessings / i do not mean to grip or complain,,i have no right to complain,,kelly loves me and shes not gonna leave me or run away ...she is the strongest most UN-selfish person i ever met,,, GOD placed her and i together so we can win this battlle called life,, together with a christian attitude "we can WIN" " GOOD always wins over EVIL "right? YES! IT DOES!!!!!!! can i paste movies into here? why ,,,now that i thinkof it,,and think of my photobucket acct,,why not,,im going to add a sunday morning typical morning movie here:

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