Thursday, October 04, 2007

thru eve= kell has to go to school, she has given me a great Birthday-her and her momma decided to give me a sewing machine, Ive ALWAYS wanted one and they-angela and joy- brought it over last night, while shawny was here studying.
I was happy/numb/tired/sore and I wanted to stay up ALLDAY and get things done- and check out the sewing machine,,but i lay down at 11.30-12.00p and i was out in NO TIME AT ALL, because i didnt nap yesterday - i just did not have time for it.

today i have cramps from head to toe-you know-and it just wipes me out
*tonite im just gonna do a few small things like photograph LOTS4SALE thru my yahoo groups here in tulsa-which has really allowed me to socialize and meet new and exciting ppl. look =like miss Elie who's son does photography for the Arkansas MAYOR Huckebee who is now running for president. i will VOTE RONPAUL tho..hes my hero! hes the constitution guy,,luvIt! Dr RON PAUL,,a name to remember.....

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