Thursday, June 14, 2007

its thursday nite,im real tired, been alittle better yesterday and today EXCEPT feet MUST be protected, i cannot walk around barefoot, and hips kness today but ,,no major issues, other then u thought iwas having a heart attck the other day, i have no isdea what happend but kelly quicly gave me a klonipin,and i remained calm,,ut got real scared 0 i thought i was gonna have a
attck,_? then it went away,,i have been reall stressed mentally,,because of thoughts ,which now i
am lerning how to meditate again - so i can find the inner me and get in touch with reality.
i wish t do art,,i am only turely happy when im inventing and creating ,,which is impaired badly
this may be the key,pehaps i shall do my art depressed or NOT,, and see what happens??
now if my haNDS will co-operate i shalll be OK

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