Friday, June 01, 2007

its friday nite- we r home and its raining again,.,i dont know what to write,,im reviewing this blog,,its been a year of this, and i dont really think ive accomplished what i wanted,,first its just for me to vent,,you know,,"write it down - get it off your chest- it helps you release and its good for you" well,, im no better,,i want to take this blog deeper - lets get scientific here,,i want to chart out the patterns in weather (humidity-cold-hot) also moods and a little deeper of what meds and how i feel exactly about the ra and my bones and mind/ going to work out someway to chart or at least accomplish this in a very visual thing not so much all these words to read,,i want pictures charts, graphs,,hahahaha,,, getting crazy now,,its late im logging off for now,4.20/over and out

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