Thursday, December 28, 2006

we spent christmas with this group ..( joys family who we like very much.)

omg its been forever,,because ive not been feeling very comfortable in my own skin lately .
i mean i have "the blues" and have no energy and christmas wore me out to visit people.
*we had no money so we had basicly no christams,,BUT we accept the fact that we CAN PAY OUR BILLS, so thats been dubbed "our christmasGift" and we r thankfull for it!
december ends with us NOT kicked out of our home ,,and i have one more month of insurance,,
so,,, in all its been a stresssfull ride,,probably why i cant get better when im always friggen worried about the next bill and dollar,,GOD its enuf to RA anyone!

............NOW we must begin to worrie about JANUARY2007..........................

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