Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pabs/United Kingdom
Right. I have had enough of all the utter bullshit being fed to the public about these so called riots in the UK.

Further down is an actual text going round on blackberrys inciting the so called looting

What they are telling us does NOT make any sense at all.

Remember a few months back, the unrest in London around the Student Riots. 1000's of Students on the streets protesting about the cuts and price hikes. trouble starts and the police are straight on it and batter the shit out of EVERYONE within 5 feet of them and I mean batter them hard. Within 3 hours they have suddenly called in more police back up and get the situation under control in 3 HOURS.

So lets get this straight.

The past few days, Probably about 300 yobbo's armed with nothing more than tracksuits and and evil glare, get on the streets of London and start breaking into fucking £pound shops etc and the Police do nothing but stand there. SERIOUSLY??? Stand there and 'observe'.

An excuse I have heard was that they were all quite young so they couldnt wade in. Hang on, This didnt stop them when the students were protesting, this didnt stop them when 120,000 young people were protesting peacefully in the 90's when the criminal justice bill was introduced so why the fuck all of a sudden do they have morals?

This little gathering of scumbags in London this week then spreads to every major city in the UK and turns into mayhem and they blame it on copycats.

Below is an actual text which was being sent around by blackberry encouraging people to meet up in London to start Looting

"Everyone from all sides of London meet up at the heart of London (central) OXFORD CIRCUS!!, Bare SHOPS are gonna get smashed up so come get some (free stuff!!!) fuck the feds we will send them back with OUR riot! >:O
Dead the ends and colour war for now so
if you see a brother... SALUT!
if you see a fed... SHOOT!
We need more MAN then feds so Everyone run wild, all of london and others are invited! Pure terror and havoc & Free stuff....just smash shop windows and cart out da stuff u want! Oxford Circus!!!!! 9pm, we don't need pussyhole feds to run the streets and put our brothers in jail so tool up,
its a free world so have fun running wild shopping;)
Oxford Circus 9pm if u see a fed stopping a brother JUMP IN!!! EVERYONE JUMP IN Successful Black Man will be lurking about, all blacked out we strike at 9:15pm-9:30pm, make sure ur there see you there. REMEMBA DA LOCATION!!! OXFORD CIRCUS!!!

My slant on this.

This whole thing has been set up by government. This is not my paranoid rambling, this makes perfect sense.

The Gov and Police have been itching to bring in tighter control laws for protesting in the UK, why? They are fucking scared.

In a few months, the cuts to budgets etc are going to take hold, when they do, boy is the UK in for a rough ride. not just scanky dole scrounging layabouts are going to feel it, but normal working folk will be feeling this.

This is going to lead to a lot of civil unrest, nationwide, and all the police can do now is to push everyone back and hit people at arms length with batons.

Imagine if all of a sudden they are faced with 250,000 angry mob from all walks of life demanding the government sort its shit out? The police are going to need more than batons.

They are going to need water cannons, rubber and plastic bullets, tear gas etc and what better way to bring these new crowd control measures in, than to show how useless and defenceless they were in the UK riots of August 2011.

Rose Croix/France
I was only saying the same thing earlier today.
Look at what "they" mangaged in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya???

They have either activated the "Silent Sound Spread System"
[link to]
or they simply infiltrated and then "egged on" their little groups with whatever incentives they required.
You know it is a crock of shit that it was spontaneous when you read that they are NOW going to use GCHQ Cheltenham to track all those involved who sent messages.

They begin to compile lists! This is allll-ways the pre-cursive action of totalitarian dictatorships = THE LIST!!

Stalin, Hitler, Franco, Pinochet, et al.
lists, lists, lists.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! You are absolutely dead on in your article. They know the financial world is about to crash and chaos is coming so they have set this up to get extra powers on the streets in advance. A lot of people have been expecting this event. The people who are awake!

The Gov are to blame for this! This generation of kids have grown deliberately not having boundries or being punished properly for their crimes as has been well reported in the media so they think it's ok and normal now to carry on like this and nothing will be done except a slap on the wrist! We have weak judges who wont give tough sentences and a weak gov that encourages anarchy in order to bring in new laws to take away more of our freedoms and control us like their slaves.

Only part I could add to is the last three lines. It's not about showing how bad the police are. The hidden agenda is to put fear in to the people of the country. Why? So that the people will vote in droves to change the laws of their own choice.

The sheeple are all bleating on as expected to get the Army in so that our kids future becomes a police state and we lose more of our rights (which is what they want). This escalated cos the Gov have cut back so much on the police over the last few years and the few that where there stood and prevented the fire brigade putting out fires under health and safety! Don't be fooled peeps!

Anonymous said...