Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moon Orbit Wrong Cornell University

Nasa's Ask an Astronomer no longer answers questions regarding the moon, solar system or the night sky. Here's an inept explanation: Since our service relies on volunteer efforts of busy scientists, engineers, and programmers, we cannot answer all the questions we now receive. In particular, we have declared certain popular topic areas (space travel, solar system objects etc.) off-limits, since these are outside our areas of expertise.

Remember, this is NASA, America's SPACE Agency. WTF?

For the past few nights I`ve noticed the moon has been VERY different than I`ve ever seen it before. It`s odd to say the least so I looked up on YT to see if others also were noticing it or if it was just me. It seems to be getting bigger and like a blob in the sky whereas before it was a more defined shape as it went through its cycle. I don`t know if there`s any significance to its changing but I definitely notice it.
The Lorenzo Lorio paper on the moon says that the moon's orbit is changing by an eigth of an inch per year--more or less-- and no one has a theory of why its doing that. That tiny change was measured by sending a laser beam from earth to the Laser Ranging Retroreflector ,deployed on Apollo 11, 14, and 15.It is a series of corner-cube reflectors, a special type of mirror with the property of always reflecting an incoming light beam back in the direction it came from.Youtube moon vids=crappola!
LilZiana ------------------------------------
I could have something to do with the wobble/tilt/shift of the magnetic field around the planet too...the moon controls the tidal cycles...we ARE in a shift! so who is to say it Only affects One planetary body, most of the other planets are experiencing differences right now too, Good to see someone actually standing up for this anomaly that we have ALL been following over the recent months...Thanks netlethe!
Finally an instution speaks out about this weirdness of the moon.. I have observed this along with many others on Youtube. Thank you
its gotta have something to do with the upcoming alignment of the planets
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i believe i was the first to post the the Moon was all wrong, its still wrong.
the Mares on the moon is going upwards now, they should not do so.
they should ne dowwards.
i believe a Brown Dwarf is getting gloser as we speak.
called Elenin
I knew it. Was afraid to post a vid, as to not compromise my main research. The moon has risen here further south every night. It also went from full to 1st quarter in 4 days. Wtf. Also, it barely rose, remaning low for hours. Orion and Caseopia both rising, then tracking north. It's not the moon. It's the earth. SATURN approaches. See mny research for compelling evidence to support this. It's not the moon.
What is sad is that no Authority is even talking to us about the Moon right now.
Everyone can clearly tell it is not right but no one is talking about it in the MSM.
A binary system is two stars gravitationally bound orbiting a common center of mass. The stars can be of the same or differing sizes and orbits can be as short as a few days or as long as thousands of years. The short ones are easy to detect, the long ones difficult, some probably impossible to detect because of the very long observation period required

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The Moon is Changing its orbit...
It is a flatten elliptical orbit... that is caused by the approcching of Nibiru to our Earth..
Nibiru is pulling to "him" the moon so the moon flat is orbit... the moon coming closer to the earth and that make sea waves higher...