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i cant get a break , OK, its all about the comet elenin coming in right now.
internet is all a buzz with a comet doom conspiracy for MARCH 15th 2011
around the corner, jeeze, i need a break, but whos got time for breaks cuz this could be it folks, some interesting dots have been connected.
doom is all the rage right now online,, most say they feel something big is about to happen and most say we are not going to be here in two - three yrs from now. its coming ni the form of a comet ELE (extint level event)
~here are a few posts i thought were very interesting,informative and scary=

post by The6thSUN
The most fascinating to me is the similarities to the movie, "Deep Impact". It strikes me that a man with such a name as Leonid Elenin even exists, given the circumstances of this particular discovery. I find it much too ironic that his name, Leonid is also the word for comets in November, which is apparently the time of greatest significance of this comet, AND, his last name, Elenin, seperated into the compound of 'ELE---abbreviation for Extinction Level Event and 'NIN-----meaning human being in another language. To me, this man, Leonid Elenin, whose name literally could mean 'November comet extinction of human beings', is just far, far beyond any realm of possibility. This name attached to a man who discovers a new species, or some new technology...possibly, but discovering a potentially mankind ending comet...??? Come on. I did not search this man out because I figure if it is a fictional name given to a code word of sorts for the powers that be, then any thing I find on him will be meticulously designed and false anyway.

The comet, however is real. So that leads me down the road of conspiracies. I don't particularly entertain conspiracy theories but for a few years some things have struck me as too odd not to mean something and this is one of them. If this Leonid Elenin is just a code for this event, then who made the name up? And if it is a code name then they must have already known about it before the so-called discovery. Now, here we are at when? Well, given the obvious coincidences to the real life comet and the movie's fictional one, one might surmise that 'they'~The Powers That Be or TPTB, knew then, in 1997 or there abouts, and as someone had pointed out earlier in the thread, maybe Deep Impact and Armageddon were both intended to 'soften the blow'.

Now, if they knew more than 13 years ago, then what, if anything has anyone tried to do about it? Here is what everyone has seemed to overlook, except maybe one, who mentioned 'hitting the moon' but didn't elaborate further since no one seemed to make the connection.

I don't know if I attached this correctly, if not, copy and paste it in a new window to see this NASA mission was said to 'bomb the moon' with a 'missile' when announced and later was called a probe.

Was this actually a test for destroying Elenin? To me, this is all too coincidental. These are factual events. There was a NASA mission to the moon by either a 'missile' or a probe. Japan also sent one the week previously. Supposedly, these missions were in search of water. Real mission, maybe not the real reason, I don't know but I know this there is no grasping at straws or seeking the truth in fantasy like the actors names being Elijah and Leoni-sp. I don't care that both the discoverer of Elenin and the movie Leo share a birthday, or if the numbers of the the actors names somehow add up to 9 or 11 or both.

The events of the last few years, and probably for many years, in connection with this comet are what speaks volumes to me. The movie may have only been a way to 'leak out information' in such a way that it wouldn't be beyond our belief when it did happen. A life line for those who might take notice when the event was unfolding....leading the public if you will, sort of like Blondie letting Dagwood believe he had all the ideas when in fact they were all hers. Elenin's name could be another one of these 'leads' or leaks, whichever for those folks like us, who notice. To find and discuss like planted evidence. And for a few who have watched and listened, we might find evidence, however circumstantial it might be like the 'missile' that turns into a 'probe' because of the outcry on the web about what idiots America's NASA must be and the reason a missile is being fired at the moon....that nearly gave it away 2 years too soon. So what do they do, they give the new president the Nobel Peace Prize to draw the attention away and change the missile to a probe and it all goes quiet again. No panic.

This comet, as in the info we currently have will come close to earth,.that is a fact
Everything else until it gets closer is either myth or theory,. and the truth wont be known till it passes,.

DeepImpact and Comet Elenin
In the movie, comet is called Ele. Real life, comet is called Elenin. In the movie, discovery was made by Leo. Real life, discovery was made by Leonid Elenin. In the movie, president was black. Real life, Obama. All I can say is, wow. Has anyone noticed this yet?

In the movie the comet was named Wolf-Biederman. E.L.E was just an acronym the government used.

Leo Biederman discovered it, Dr. Wolf confirmed it. Ellie was presumed to be a mistress, but was discovered to be the E.L.E. part of the secrecy about the asteroid.

Always Looking
Re: The ELENIN comet! The doom you have all been waiing for???
It is just a theroy but when you put the pieces of the puzelle together, and they start to fit with one another....

Thats when you have to ask the question. We can track oter comets for years and know where and when they will fly in orbit around the solar syatem ye this small 1 mile wide one in our imediate vicinity is an inigma to the trackers.

That does not make sense, add to that all the strange things being built underground, the freeze dried food the Govt bought two years ago, and the endless money we are spending without regard forthe future...

Things start to add up......

Anonymous Coward
OK, so now it gets a little more interesting.
I am watching the movie Deep Impact on google, on part two now, two things of interest in the movie so far:

1. The President says they are going to wait untill the budget comes out to let the public know of the asteroid because " they were spending too much money for it not to go unnoticed"!!! Kind of like we are now!

2.At the press conference the Prsesident says that ALL the US ambassadors have been told and will tell the other world learders!! Didn't Hillary call a meeting recently with all the ambassadors???

TPTB often script whats coming in movies!

As I posted in a thread a bit ago and haven't heard anyone talk about yet. In the movie, comet is called Ele. Real life, comet is called Elenin. In the movie, discovery was made by Leo. Real life, discovery was made by Leonid Elenin. In the movie, president was black. Real life, Obama.

its closest on 16th October this year,
but some think that 2012 is miscalculated and 2011 is the year.

Comet Elenin (ELEven-NINe) is Nibiru? ELENIN=911(ELEnin=ExtinctionLevelEvent)l


Comet C/2010 X1 Elenin is coming. Right now it is magnitude +19, but initial estimates indicate it could be as bright as magnitude +3.4 in early September. Its orbital plane is inclined only 1.85° to the ecliptic. Perihelion is expected on 2011 SEP 05 (Labor Day) with passage nearly midway between the Earth and Sun on SEP 14.

I have done a search on google for any news articles related to comet elenin, and absolutely nothing shows up. A comet is about to pass the earth at a distance deemed "too damn close for comfort" in less than a year, and there is nothing about it on the science websites, or any of the news outlets. WHY?

The blue katchina?

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This somehow reminds me of my prediction here which I really don't know what does it mean?, but I'm sure I knew I would be safe by staying home and closing all windows, though I never saw how things end "which I think was bad for me"