Friday, February 18, 2011

elvis is home from the vet and he lost two teeth, hes getting better but its taking a long time...

DID anyone see the MOON this morning (just after sunrise,around 6.00 am the MOON was FULL and BIG and right there in the low western sky,, you could almost see the buildings and structures on it (with the naked eye)
it was HUGE and CLOSE on the western horizon (camera battery dead)

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Anonymous said...

OWW he's back, you tell him this :
Welcome home little ELvis, I'm glad you're doing great, hey listen don't worry about those teeth, just don't act a lion and you will be fine, be good, don't forget your pills and stay safe buddy.

Nubooboo looks so cute in the second picture

I feel great now because you look happy.
"bless his lil heart-and may god keep him strong and healy for many years to come", and may God fill all your days with happiness together.

You are an artist this is amazing!, you got a GREAT collection out there, I give you that, keep it up.
I didn't know you love Egypt that much!, have you been here before?!

and yes ancient Egyptians look like aliens, I agree.

buildings and structures on the moon!! 0_o, that's gonna be interested, LOL.

maybe you mean the moon illusion thing

anyway,I don't see the sky so often, you have no Idea how much do I love to look at the sky specially during night?, but it's too crowded here and the sky is not clear anymore, even at night you barely can see a few stars, and also I can't see much because of the buildings, there is no point to look at the sky from here, I have to go a beach or the desert to see it "which is hard".