Saturday, December 18, 2010

earthquakes on the rise in America

this is Oklahoma -
these are not normal seismic activity for this region. my belief is that this is a warning for the big one - ive read a lot of speculation that the big one will come between now and end of year-and so it begins.....

Mothman Sightings in L.A.: Huge Earthquake Predicted for Dec. 19-24

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All the indicators are there: Mothman-like sightings, UFO encounters, swarms of Gulf of California quakes, animal attacks (such as the mountain goat killing of the hiker), pet disappearances, and moody people (like a mother stabbing twins). I would not doubt that car chases are on the increase too.

We certainly know from research that changes in animal behavior and the appearance of earthquake lights are predictors of earthquakes. Could there be more bizarre precusors? You name it and SoCal seems to be generating lots of strange indications of the big one shaking soon. Does Mother Earth foreshadow her events so overtly and covertly? Perhaps.
Mothman is never wrong!
There was a Great Dane that mauled an infant the other day in So Cal as well. Strange things are afoot.
The air is thick with tension as well.
have you ever experienced an EQ on a rainy day? I never have. All the big ones I've been through have been on clear days.
Charlie Frost/For about the last 6 months I sometimes get this vision in my head (a flash of a picture if you like) of a news page titled "Huge 7.5 quake hits california" (or similar). I don't consider myself a psychic though my intiution has saved my butt on several occasions. In fact recently it probably prevented me from dieing in a car accident.

danes1/Iceland Under Attack? HAARP Activity Corresponds With Iceland Earthquake Swarms Who’d benefit, and why Iceland?

1. Iceland didn’t take the bail out and hasn’t wanted to knuckle under to the EU. They still have a strong free market economy and are poised for recovery. That’s not falling in line with the program.

2. In addition, Iceland recently established themselves as a “free speech haven” to protect journalists and their sources, even offering censorship-free servers and other services to journalists and internet businesses. Sound like an idea those wanting an internet crackdown would like to see happen?

3. More volcanos would also further exascerbate the horrific weather Europe is experiencing. That should keep their minds off of politics, their engineered economic maelstrom and quell any thoughts about demonstrating now, wouldn’t it?


4. Mighty nice distraction from the Wiki-storm and all its fallout, wouldn’t you say?

EARTHQUAKES FALL ON THE 26th day of the month
26 is the number of God's name

Here's a few:
Haiti May 26 2010
Indian Ocean Quake and Tsunami December 26 2004
On 26 January 2001 an earthquake registering 7.9 on the Richter scale devastated the Indian state of Gujarat
July 26, 1963 Skopje earthquake

the midrid fault is being affected,,along latitude 35 across the state of arkansas to central oklahoma a nearly daily swam of small quakes has been on going since the rig sank and the 7+ haiti quake --some days Guy AR will have over 20 per day and those in OK more often and are getting stronger lately-all are on the 35 latitude across 400+miles meeting the Madrid on the M River,,we had just a few quakes a year in this area before the drilling took place.

everything is connected, depopulation as No.1 goal

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