Friday, September 24, 2010

The Nibiru Effect - Nature Gone Wild!
1) Hole in the Magnetosphere
2) Mysterious Cosmic Rays from Unknown Object close to our Solar System
3) Jupiter loses one of its Belts
4) Norway Spiral
5) Space Spiral
6) Two Suns
7) Two Moons
8) Water to 'Blood'
9) The BackGround Hum
10) Planet X Recorded in the past by various Cultures
11) Earth's Rotation slowing down
12) Increase in Plagues
13) Hurricane on Land
14) Monstrous Solar Flares
15) Severe Weather
16) Dark Object lurking near our Solar System
17) Increase in Comets and Asteroids and Meteors due to said object
18) Erratic behavior of comets indicates said object is near
19) The Ozone Hole
20) Strengthening La Nina
21) Increase in Earthquakes and Volcanos
22) Increase in Mine and Pipeline Explosions
23) Mystery Force baffles NASA affects Space Craft
24) Mysterious Star seen Worldwide
25) Seismic Sand Geyser
26) Sink Holes
27) Earth's Wobble becoming erratic
28) South Pacific Blue Whale Pod off Coast of California
29) Earth's Atmosphere Shrinnking
31) Wildlife Dying off
32) Seasonal Variations
33) Sunspots cease for three years
34) Comet Holmes explodes but not due to our sun
35) Global Warming kicked into High Gear starting 2000
36) Global Dimming occured at same time
37) Norwegians prepare for Global Chaos
38) Nationwide FEMA Detention Camps are real
39) Dutch prepare for Global Chaos
40) Subduction Rate of Earth's Northern Mantle in overdrive due to large mass under earth
41) Pole Shifts in the Past
42) Pluto originally a Moon of Neptune
43) Two Comets' tails torn off
44) Russia preparing people for Nibiru
45) Sedna anomalies imply a past visit of Nibiru
46) Videos clearly shows Nibiru beside Sun and Lens Flare dancing around both proving existence of Planet X
47) NASA admits Interstellar Energy Cloud will create "Global Catastrophe" in 2012 AD
48) Pioneer X being pulled back towards the Sun
49) Lens Flare and Lens Artifacts conclusively ruled out of video
50) Irregular orbit of object only explained as the New Jerusalem - the City of Eden
51) Deepwater proven Smokescreen literally - Nibiru kept out of the News
52) NASA Censoring SOHO Images
53) What NASA calls an Intersteller Space Cloud everyone else just calls Nibiru.
54) Mutations occuring in Nature - increased UV
55) Crescent Moon and Star show Nibiru between Earth and Moon
56) Locust Plague
57) Brown Dwarf proven to exist in Oort Belt probably with satellites
58) Entire Solar System heating up
59) Devil's Lake Runaway
60) Affecting Radar in the Southern Hemisphere

The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— 11the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.(Rev. 12)

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