Monday, September 13, 2010

I've scanned the Internet looking for anything worthy of longevity,credibility,and interest. sinkholes and huge fishkills are happening daily. I'm searching,reading,and thinking about the GulfOMexico,Nibiru,and America's infrastructure. its over whelming to see how many earthquakes,UFOs and just plain weird things are reported daily. (huge gas explosion in CA.)
this morning i found another story about an idea thats been around for awhile. A huge fleet of UFOs are on way to our earth, and NBCs TV is perfect timing with a new show called THE EVENT.

Giant Spaceships Heading Towards EarthRecent light has been shed on the reason that the SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project has been cancelled by the government. It seems that something was starting to happen. According to my sources the government black project boys have taken over some of the antennas and are now processing signals for the exclusive use of the United States Navy. The government seems to be highly upset that more than one very large object is fast approaching Earth.

Speculation about just what these objects may be, range from Ark ships that are coming to take away some people just before a cataclysmic event strikes earth. Another speculation suggest that we are about to be invaded and the peoples of Earth forced into slave labor to mine certain rare elements. We may be plundered or saved. Either way the near future is yet to unfold.

At the present time the object(s) are beyond the orbit of Pluto. It is estimated that the objects are in the neighborhood of 150 miles across by 30 to 50 miles wide. Not long ago a Russian Mars probe photographed an object fitting this description just before it was destroyed for unknown reasons. Later, an American Mars probe was destroyed just before it reached that planet.

The people that were associated with SETI are in a unanimous opinion that, yes, we are not alone in the universe. A few of those people are now continuing SETI with private funding. However, reports indicate that some antenna sites have been taken over by government and those antennas in particular are heavily guarded.

It is reported that the US Navy in conjunction with the NSA are attempting to keep the public unaware of what is going on. A few people who are in the know are concerned that the Navy, as a first line of defense may be attempting to convert the antennas for military purposes. It is a fact that some frequencies in the microwave band have been known to affect UFO’s and destabilize their propulsion systems. It stands to reason that such measures may be true in light of Ronald Reagan’s statements about the need for the star wars program and his inference that we may soon have to face something from “out there!”

To be sure, if you think about it, the greater part of the American public are quite content to hide from reality in the sitcom & shoot um up fare offered on nightly TV and take the UFO phenomena as a joke. It is no joke. Too many credible people have revealed to the world that it is not a joke. Some of these people include; Barry Goldwater, Astronaut Gordon Cooper, President Jimmy Carter, FBI Chief Herbert Hoover, General McArthur, Ronald Reagan and many, many more.

As for myself, I know what I know and of one thing I am certain; The future is yet to be. What people do to effect that future is in their hands alone. And alone they will remain because no government, save that of Belgium, is willing to admit to it’s people and the world that UFO’s indeed do exist and are a part of reality that people are just going to have to deal with. Believe it or not! Like it or not!

Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth
By Pat Parrinello

7 months ago/I have been following the whole 2012 Nibiru story and regadless of whether you believe or not something very strange is coming - its a fact that world goverments have been preparing undergroung bases for years now and Norway announces they haqve made a seed bank along with a base in a mountain and then we have all sitchins info on the Annunaki..Fox news warned americans to prepare dor massive solar storms in 2012 and i believe that is a civilised way of saying "get ready " and now we have Saturn

NO NWO on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 5:02
I guess we will will find out the mystery starting Monday when NBC airs "The Event"

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 5:32 Some years ago Seti was overwhelmed with info coming from intelligent life outside our planet. They were told to keep quiet or lose funding.

I have no idea if the big ships are on the way, but if they have sophisticated travel systems they could be here in 5 minutes.


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