Thursday, October 01, 2009

it seems like everyone has become so hateful now, i see it plain as day now-
customer service is extinct.
when you go into a store or doctor office or heck,anywhere,,just take a notice on how the ppl at the place act like you are bothering them from coming into a place to spend money, its B-A-D. infact, i have noticed how the younger generation starting into the workforce are completely deprived of any simple courtesy and of awareness of anything other then their own needs and wants - its a selfish society and it bothers me to the core. Kelly got new glasses,we went BACK to have them looked at because they just fall of her head when she looks down= she called to ask if they can look at that issue for her, I asked her if they even fitted them to her when she was there on the FIRST effort,NOPE,, no one looked at the way they fit or anything, they took her 200.00 dollars and sent her on her way KNOWING that she has NEVER had glasses before and she would not know fitting or not due to lack of experience with glasses- i was appalled when we walked in-a black girl working at the table just looked at us when we walked in,,she had a snotty look and acted like we were intruding on her for even walking in,,OMG!!!!!! i see this mentality is everywhere,,its the norm now,,its acceptable behaviour and i cant stomach it - im so sad that the culture has degraded to nothing and its ACCEPTABLE - its everywhere.
now then, im on to my next issue: H1N1 ,,, at first i thought it would fizzel out and all the hype was over done for fear tatics,now i see it spreading,,Kelly miller @ kellys job had it - i hear that all the employees are coughing &hacking all damn day long- its everywhere and spreading fast
i blame "PTB " for this to,,i KNOW it was a man made flu and let loose on purpose - its a planned outbreak and they want ppl to die and they want to make pharma money with the vaccine,
( that i refuse to take)its makeing ppl sick to get the shot,,ppl are getting h1n1 from the damn vaccine in canada ans australia and they r getting sicker then normal,its out of control and im scared of what its gonna look like in one month or two,,its looking like its NOT going to fizzel out afterall = very scary stuff here.
NEXT subject that is occuping my mind is the "world in trouble"
>MOTHER EARTH is PISSED & i cant blame her
earthquakes are popping up like crazy now,,CNN reports another quake over in the pacific
Samoan islands shaken by second quake
Huge rescue effort under way in Samoan islands amid fears death toll could rise
Story Highlights:
Samoan islands shaken by 2nd quake
Latest death toll from Tuesday's quake, tsunami stands at 139
Second quake -- magnitude 5.5 -- shook Samoan islands region Wednesday
Quake does not trigger a tsunami warning, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says
LEONE, American Samoa (CNN) -- Another earthquake struck Wednesday near the Samoan islands, an area already devastated by earthquake and tsunami damage which killed more than 130 people.
Philippines brace for 'super storm' Parma
Indonesia quake kills 500
jesus watch over us and keep us safe. period.
ra is out of contro,l, i guess any kind of activity will set it off because the prednisone has been cut way way down, also , i have felt like crap since i cut off the methotrexate - i cant walk in the mornings for my feet are thriving in pain and hot (knees too)
mother earth says time to purge
i noticed the moon has been incredible lately,, i could just pull up a chair and watch it for hours, infact ,,i must create art wiht the moon in mind. a painting or something .. its just so beautiful,,ive been obsessing on space and the planets - discovery channel has the universe playing and i get hooked on things like Saturn's rings and black holes and time space contingency ,,mygod,,i love it all,,its completely mind blowing that we live on a planet and here by the force of gravity,,i cant get enuff of the planets and whats going on scientifically its incredible and beautiful.

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