Thursday, October 01, 2009

i felt something weird or a bad vibe,and prayed to God for help. i then also prayed for the help and protection for all the living creatures of the world in harms way, help me lord to deal with the plight of poor helpless dogs and cats and children who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. just so heartbreaking and it makes me cry. i guess im soft from seeing the animal commercial with dan akaroid - he talks about abused animals and wants a donation for the cause-just after thinking of the ppl who threw baby star out to the street in the pouring rain just got me in tears . so i prayed for help to deal with that -for the strength and for the power to help in some way. then Kelly called she said"i hate driving out to the warehouse"
because its out in the edge of town and kelly sees abandoned dogs and cats wandering helplessly- i thought it was very strange she should call me about the thing that was breaking my heart, well,,she said some dogs are out there and they r roaming and helpless, and she had to go,,i was disturbed and then she called right back, saying "guess what, the ppl at the warehouse are out calling the dogs and going to check the collars to call the owners for pick up" im so amazed that it played out that way,
,,i see that Jesus was speaking directly to me and what he said was ,,all things have their purpose and all things have their end. dont worrie about things soo far out of my control and know that the power of the universe and all the laws of nature will care for,and always has cared for,
the animals. Karma wil catch the ones guilty of terrorizing little animals down to the tiny-est of creatures
Russian professor says US will disintegrate in 2010
wow,,i wouldnt be surprised at all(gulp)

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