Thursday, December 06, 2007

I DO LOVE ELVIS PRESLEY - hes so damn pretty - when i pet him,,it helps the pain in my hands,,it makes me feel better-more at ease with all- comforted in a way,,,

click on pic to see his face better
I WENT TO MY "FACE2FACE INTERVIEW WITH dhs on tuesday dec 4th at 1.30= i made it in the nick oftime too- i had 2 drive like a crazy woman to make it there,,iwas LOOOKIN and LOOKIN andLOOKin,,, i knew theaddress444 south houston,,imgrerat downtown,,iloveit,,exceptall the construction ahs roadsleadingnowhere andclosed,,and all sorts of confusion down there...soooooo i finaly figured 444 MUST be the building that i'm familar with from along time ago i neededto go there-for business and there was NO ADDRESS ornosign saying dept of human services,,,anywhere..i did all kinds of illegal turns on Houston just because i wasnt gonna let me being lost stop me from finding my help i need so despairingly..(drama) ohboi,,soi made it and the girl who helpedme was so nice and i really was gald i went - now i know where it is YEAH! and guesswhat,,ofcourseiforgotthe most importantthing,,,i forgotmy damn driver's license of all things,,so that made todays apt extemnnd into wed to get conclusions! and i did get conclusions- withthe kind help from mary my rep...andthe nice ppl,at the food stamp place werevery helpful 2~! i was allowed foodstamps forawhile,,im so thankfull- maybe now i will gain weight

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