Wednesday, May 09, 2007

today im ina flare.

i felt it yesterday..........................

but was soo wired from a " prednisone buildup "ive been taking 20mg now and im used to it now now my body wants more more more, and i will not give it more more more,,i hate prednisone,,it may be saving me but the side effeects suck,,i hate feeling so wired on it,,its like speed and a bad trip all together,i must go sleep now*i just woke up and have to go back to bed, i feel so sick and tired now,my hands and feet are throbbing with pain(may be because i cleaned the basement yesterday,,we flooded down there and i had to save stuff,,bring it all up andthen i cleaned a spoiled floor --this may be why the flare..worked too hard?

didnt seem like it yesterday,my body is now a whimp!
hands have pacmans
feet have pacmans
im so tired i can barely do this
my left hip hurts sobad i have to take 420 and darvon now!!!! i cant wait at all.
im to go get my oxy from my dr office today -if i can drive -no way right now tho i cant just cant ...m u s t... sl e e e e p

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