Saturday, March 16, 2013

GLP has been messed up now, for quite a while...i googled  GLP server timed out fix and selected only "past week" to view whats been happening. i do recall day number1, where trinity said the server was hacked by named villains and fixed the issue.  From that day on, i have not been able to view much of anything. i may be able to view the GLP headlines,but that's as far as it goes. anything i click on just idles and then .....timed out. 
so, the first interesting thing i found was this from
ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 9, 2013
The conspiracy site Godlike Productions (GLP) was unexpectedly down, at a minimum, on February 28, 2013.  TrInItY claims this was a sophisticated DDOS attack, and he already determined who is responsible. Could the Zetas follow up on ZetaTalk for December 8, 2012, which revealed why TrInItY was under siege late last year? <

  Is this another warning to him about allowing ZetaTalk to be dishonestly bashed while denying ZetaTalk supporters the opportunity to post at a site that is allegedly open to all? [and from another]  GLP Has Been Under A Sustained Sophisticated DDOS Attack All Day Long! [and from another]  Sorry guys I was passed out when it happened.  Just got up and tracked this bullshit down. It's been mitigated and the packet captures sent to the FBI. Rory I know it was you.  The other guy was Ivan. Ivan is Rory's drunken Russian side kick. Ivan has been arrested and made 5k bail. Rory is next. [and from another]  I have a lot more than this but I need clearance to post it. I present to you Rory Andrew Godfrey, age 26, from Rowlett Texas. The man responsible for DDOS'ing GLP and other conspiracy sites over the last 24 hours.  Listen to the 26 meg file. In it he admits to doing this shit to extort people for money. Literally. [and from another]  January 19, 2009 Authorities arrested a US man on suspicion of threatening to kill President-elect Barack Obama based on statements he posted on a website about UFOs and aliens. Steven Joseph Christopher, in three postings to  As it turns out the threat is not the only thing this man posted on the web. He calls himself "Stevie the Playboy", "Trinity" and in some cases "god." [and from another] The popular conspiracy site Godlike Productions (GLP) hosted the weekly ZetaTalk Chat for years.  But these days it appears posting almost anything supportive of ZetaTalk or President Obama is cause for immediately being banned. GLP was unexpectedly down [December 8, 20012] for approximately seven hours recently, allegedly due to server issues.  Was this just a coincidence or was GLP deliberately taken down?  Could the Zetas address what is going on with GLP and why? Trinity, the owner, is saying he will likely sell due to a stalker he cannot shake. New owner around the corner.   [and from another]  Who Really Runs "GLP" I have frequented the site and do find it a strange place. Everybody knows about the autoban for using the words "Jason Lucas" "Tavistock" "Lop" etc. Google them if you are unfamiliar. The rumor is that Jason Lucas a spam/mal ware programmer who owned LOP, bought godlikeproductions which is a popular "conspiracy" bulletin board to spy on people. The person known as "^Trinity^" on GLP owns the site but nobody seems to know the man personally but for a few mods. GLP has lots of traffic but from my posting there, it is quite different than other popular sites. Hard to describe but something is not right on GLP and the traffic and posters often seem programmed and not authentic. "Controlling the conversation"? That's the way it feels. Like a big simulation.
so then it goes on to say that glp and zetatalk had a good relationship until trinity came along and bought the site.Zetas were thrown out and anyone posting about certain things connected w/nancy ...were banned.
it explains the connection between trinity and  spyware implanted on visors computer as they hang out at the site. trinity is also connected somehow w/ CIA and the site is a huge social experiment.  
then it goes on to say,,well, copy paste:
But the Obama administration was busy trying to keep the nation from flushing down the toilet after the Bush Wall Street crash and tarp bailout in the fall of 2008. Trinity went back to business as usual, until Obama’s plans to announce the truth about the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, in the inner solar system. Intense DDOS attacks that brought GodLikeProduction to its knees were invented as the excuse for why Trinity would have to sell and move on. Someone hated him, or so it seemed, but the attacks were perpetrated by Trinity himself. Obama set out to make the announcement in September, 2012, and the first DDOS attack was in December, 2012. Once again, the apparent success of the cover-up crowd to prevail over Obama allowed Trinity to return to business as usual. 
very interesting


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