Wednesday, June 15, 2011

worthy post this morning at tribulation blogspot :

Alarming New Planet X / ELEnin Data
There’s been a lot of confusion about Elenin and Planet X. Which is which? I used to think Elenin was “wormwood” and Planet X was the “Jeremiah Destroyer” and the “Horrible Star” in 2 Esdras 15:40. It appears now that what we are dealing with, is a big cosmic aggregate sum of “all of the above“.

To make matters worse, it appears this blob of ugly cosmic apocolyptic matter, is also bringing with it, “alien entities” on a very large scale, just like the episode of NBC “The Event” series entitled “The Arrival” depicted.

Many articles have surfaced over the last 6 months (or so) claiming ELEnin was “intelligently controlled”. Richard Hoagland, an X government specialist, has been claiming it contains “UFOs and aliens” for some time now. Even the Pleiadian “new age” Federation of Light “channelers” have said so. They call it a “Prison Planet” and say it has horrible alien entities on it.

I have said for quite some time, I believe Planet X may be “The Abyss” of Revelation 9 and ultimately contain the Locusts. I hope I’m not here to find out if I’m right about that.

Since the first verse of Revelation tells us these are “things which must shortly take place“, it’s reasonable to estimate that many of the judgements in Revelation might happen in “rapid fire succession”. That’s what it means. Shortly actually means “rapid fire succession”.

So it’s possible, the first 6 Trumpet judgements happen in a very short time span. Let’s review really quick.

1.First Trumpet: 1/3 of the trees and grass burn (Solar Flare)
2.Second Trumpet: A mountain sized burning object falls into the sea, kills 1/3 of sea life, disables 1/3 of ships
3.Third Trumpet: Wormwood, the waters become poisonous and make people sick
4.Fourth Trumpet: The Sun, Moon and Stars go dark for 1/3 of the day
5.Fifth Trumpet: The Locusts and the Abyss
6.Sixth Trumpet: 1/3 of mankind dies


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