Monday, April 12, 2010

i have been painting - today i should have read my horoscope cuz EVERYthing went wrong. like SDI called and said no forms from me, and that means i gotta re do the whole dang thing.
then the car got a flat tire when backing up to go, i had no idea and couldnt believe it. kelly is getting a ride hom e from T.
some facts that ive been readnig about

>The sun is more excited now than in the past 1,150 years.

>Solar cycle #24 will be the msot violent ever (peaking in 2012)

>Mercury’s magnetic field is expanding as a result

>Venus is displaying a brightness that’s 2500% greater than normal

>Mars & Earth are showing great global warming (there are no cars on Mars)

>Jupiter’s plasma clouds are 200% brighter

>Saturn’s jet streams are acting uncharacteristically

>Uranus is creating clouds with an ability to not do so!

>Neptune has shown a 40% increase in brightness since 1996.

>Pluto has increased 3.6 degress F even while moving away from the sun.


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