Friday, March 26, 2010

i dont feel good -kidney issues now-

i dont wanna seem "crazy" or parinoid or conspiracy-ish...BUT im telling ya ... NOW, here and in writting - ive talked about this and talked about this ..-im here to write it here for my own self in my own words about how strange everyting seems to be now-ok, ive been stressed because inside my head and deep in my soul - im worried,something is happening out there ,everywhere...i went thru a "serching for the truth"period and now im with a opinion, after traveling everywhere mentally, that something is happening, something weird and wild. politicaly the world is changing and everyone is changing-i know thats generic and vauge,BUT i dont know how else to explain my fright. i dream and ponder over the possiblities of where we are going and what the agenda is. deep down im very worried and i feel a panic something is comming,something big and unbelievible. something with our sun? i say sun, because it has all of my attention lately. i have photo'd and looked at soo many pictures of sunrise and sunsets LOOKING for plant X in the right hand above the sun- and lower right of the sunset - still cannot see the planet obscured by the sun. seems that everymorning we r getting sprayed- while watching the sun ev erymorning for clear - there has not been a clear sky/clear sunsrise - seems they r buzy spraying chemtrails in the eastern skys to cover-
i need a clear sky at sunrise -to take pictures for study- searched google for "2 suns" and was amazed that im NOT the only one thinking like this. lots of videos out there about 2 suns,nibiru, planet X,the destroyer,out there and i watched EVERYsingle one to look for what i dont even know.
medically this is taking it toll-i have been very sick and the RA is active and stongest in the AM-i am now suffering from a KIDNEY issue i have had on and off for ten days or so-the pain is in the left kidney area- i thougth it was a pulled mussle but decided it is definatly is the kidney -i searched google for kidney pain and symptoms- i match all except fever-blood in urine-yestereday i set an appointment at the doctor for MONDAY to be checked out - i woke up in the midle of the night (3.30am)w/ pain and took 2.TWO darvons to make it past that point. im in pain today but its not as sharp and/or painful as it was. so it flectuates -gets real painful, i sweat, i cant move, pain is real bad, then it eases up after hour or so, and now its muffeled and not as intense. yesterday it was mild too,where by at 5.00 pm i thought,OK,,i must have been over reacting the pain just about dissapered so i was embarressed about how worried i was - to think its a kidney - but i know now, it is a kidney, and ju7st whats going on?i dont know ,but i will find answers on monday.
so tiny-shes two yrs old now

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